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It is a welcome sign of XML's success that it increasingly appears in unexpected places and concerns an everbroadening set of people. Those of you who were involved with XML technology in the early days or who bravely pioneered XML in your organizations years ago may be bewildered by this, and wonder whether all of these "other" people really understand what XML is all about. The major change is that for the business people, the question has now irrevocably become "When XML?" not "XML?". Plugging our ears to keep out the din of marketing noise, let's take a quick tour of the unexpected places you'll find XML. XML in Firewalls It is quite natural to ask "Huh? What does XML have to do with firewalls?". XML is quickly becoming part of the network security infrastructure for three major reasons. First, XML Web services were designed to bypass the existing firewalls and... (more)

The Adoption: Hype Ratio

Even today, I'm frequently faced with those who are disappointed at the progress of XML and Web services. My stock answer to skeptical questions about XML adoption is to talk instead about the "Adoption:Hype" ratio and agree that its value is at or near zero. The many successful projects cannot possibly match the infinite hype associated with the technologies. Often, the enthusiasm of even the most technical groups outpaces what can actually be achieved in production given the readiness of the software packages, required standards, corporate politics, and developer tools. What i... (more)

XML-Aware Networking

XML is, among many other things, a data-encoding standard for network protocols. What's known as "XML" in the community or the trade press is actually a large collection of protocols and data-handling systems that use XML-encoded packets or instructions. SOAP, XML-RPC, UDDI, BXXP, XSLT/XPath, XML DSig, XML Enc, SAML, XSD - despite their disparate purposes and higher-level complexities, the one requirement they share is the need to parse, and process, XML. If XML is a new protocol, just as HTTP was in the Web's infancy, it's not hard to see that a new breed of intelligent network... (more)

Securing Federated Identity in a Web Services World

The ability to establish identities across domains to partners and customers is driving Web services security-related issues and standards, such as SAML and WS-Security. In this session we will discuss how federated identity is being used in Web services and will outline the security-related issues, the standards and specifications involved, and the importance in the growth of Web services. Finally, attendees will learn how SAML and WS-Security are being used for federated authentication and authorization, as well as how standards-based policy enforcement points help facilitate c... (more)